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The Daredevils
    Please do not try this on a Harley. Watching these trick riders made me feel old. They are all teen age boys, riding small (125-250 cc) off road type bikes. This is not exactly the Harley targeted buyer, but they were still great fun to watch.

These teen riders use smaller bikes to ride around inside of a big steel globe. This is kind of similar to the traveling daredevil riders of the thirties who had formerly worked the old carnival circuit.

A rider sits next to the big steel trusswork cage. They call themselves balls of steel. Riders inside of the cage are able, with enough speed, to ride sideways, and even upside down.

A rider jumps a ramp, and turns upside down, and multiple riders inhabit the cage, riding in circles without hitting each other.

What in the world is going on here. I see motorcycles flying through the air. Understandably, there is a large crowd gathered to watch.

This rider is perhaps 25 feet in the air, and doing tricks before he lands.

The same rider doing a different, but equally daring stunt. This is Team Extreme, a traveling group whose members seem bent on death or injury.

Two members of Team Extreme go in tandem. Towards the beginning of the show, multiple riders were in the air at once.

The things we do when we are young, daring, and don't know any better.

Hanging on with just his toes, this rider contemplates the ground rising up beneath him.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's..., well, it's a bike with a daredevil rider.

Only one hand is touching the bike here, and the rider is not holding on at all.

The less thought given to what would happen if the bike crashed right now, the better.

Another rider hanging on by his toes.

Rising up for a better view, but how do you steer?

Hanging on to his seat for dear life, and rising high over his bike. Don't try this on your Harley.

Looking rather awkward here, this boy swings his legs through his arms, and then back in the saddle.

Waving at the crowd with one hand, while just barely touching the seat with the other.

This one looks about ready to go over the front of the bike. Should any of these riders lose their bikes, or misjudge their distance, it's a long way down, and at high speed.

Another rider straightens up over the back of his bike.

This is some pretty impressive stuff, but even this simple move is not something I would try myself.
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