The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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This flag bearer, along with his group, hail from New Zealand. There are HOG chapters everywhere.

Aloha miss boa. HOGs from Hawaii.

Waving at us, and all smiles, this couple has already ridden about eight miles of the ten mile route. Like all of the other riders, they arrived at the zoo around five in the morning. This did not seem to dampen their spirits.

Their flags announce that these riders are from Lima Ohio, where tanks are made for the Army.

Flying their flags, and holding up their camera to get a shot of the crowds along the street, these riders pass in review.

Miss Liberty, among others, passes by the statue of Washington.

She raises her hand, but I don't see any torch. These people are from a HOG chapter in the Hudson River area

Countless flags representing HOG groups from many places I had never heard of before.

HOG riders from France. All joking and international tensions aside, it was nice to see them along with people from everywhere else.

The avenue of flags continues to advance. These are all relatively local HOG groups, being from various parts of the United States.

Waving and bearing the HOG standard, a series of flag bearers ride in tandem.

Riders from Australia. The Great Sandy Desert seems like a fine place to open up a Harley.

Much of the old British empire is being represented here. Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and many eastern provinces have all sent HOG groups.

The Vikings are coming. Actually these members represent Portland Oregon.

The great entertainer rides alongside this pair of British HOG members.

The sixties live, or is it the seventies.

Flying their favorite flags, the folks from home wave a cheery hello.

Going berserk (which literally translates into bearskinned, or bear skin wearer).

Hamilton New Zealand. I had to check my maps, but already knew that these people came a long way.

More New Zealanders. These people were abundant and really made their presence known at the lake front celebrations.

Could these be real Vikings this time?

A number of 100th anniversary model owners ride together, showing off their new finery

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