The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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We missed you.

An orange leopard skin finish?

A passenger holds up a sign thanking us, from Miami. Banners, streamers, and signs abound.

British bikers riding Harleys instead of Triumphs, or Nortons. It's the American invasion.

I had initially thought Greece, but these bikers are actually from Spain.

For those HOG members who require even more comfort, there is always the sidecar.

The procession of sidecars continues giving new meaning to the phrase heavyweight.

Showing off for the crowd. Still, if he had wanted to ride on two wheels, why bother with the sidecar?

A classic trike, with slicks and a heavy rear axle.

An older sidecar rig shows just how timeless these bikes can be.

Another local figure struts her stuff, and lets us know she is here.

Another dad takes the kids out for a spin, but where is mom?

What a great looking trike! a combination of fared fenders, and saddlebags probably make this as wide as many cars.

Dressed in her colors,  and showing her flags, this rider is pretty understated compared to many of the others.

Showing their colors, in an older sidecar rig.

The stereotype of the American touring rider and motorcycle. The freedom machine lives!

I can't quite figure out which country this rider might be from.

The grandparents have taken charge and are giving their grandson, in the sidecar, a treat.

A large group of non HOG riders rumbles into view. The flags and banners will be back latter.

A pair of solitary HOG riders seem to have lost their group.

Louisville says hi, and we send our regards by cheering.

New Zealand's answer to Easy Rider.

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