The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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Camera at the ready, this rider can't seem to decide what to photograph first. We return the favor by photographing and videotaping him and his partner.

There are circus clowns, rodeo clowns, television clowns, and even a hamburger clown. Now we have a motorcycle clown.

Riders pass by with their flags fluttering in the V-Twin created breeze, while a photographer kneels in the road seeing how long he can avoid being run over. A number of camera enthusiast were to be seen standing, kneeling, sitting, and even laying in the road. Unfortunately, even the most blatantly inconsiderate and foolhardy ones remained uninjured.

From the North Pole to the Middle East, Santa rolls along next to a rider from Israel.

Even up here, people are moving pretty far out into the street. Only one half of the divided boulevard is being used. The other side is closed, and is full of parade watchers.

Uncle Sam used to be taller (and thinner).

I almost could not imagine a more different pair of riders than these two, riding side by side. The Harley mystique makes all other distinctions moot.

A regular flow of bikes has begun to roar up the street. For awhile, they were coming in fits and starts. The organizers try to stage them so that there are no empty periods, and no bunching up. Still, they can not foretell all of the vagaries of the crowds, and road conditions. It is no mean feat getting ten thousand motorcycles down a ten mile route through a major city with hundreds of thousands of spectators.

A full dress parade, and the spectators have begun to wander very far out into the street. Ordinarily, during normal traffic conditions, this would be an invitation to be killed. This is not the case on this day, though I suspect a few of the riders may have been sorely tempted when the road became blocked in places.

This will probably be the only time that the father of this little girl approves of her talking to, and even touching, strangers.

Another example of motorcycle safety gear. Note the camcorder mounted to the handlebars.

Taking his mom for a spin and showing her the town. The town is happy to welcome them both.

Quite a number showed up from New Zealand. This one seems particularly scrappy.

Didn't I see you in Star Wars at the cantina?

A Marine proudly displays his services flag.

A smaller trike, along with your basic Harley sport touring bike, pass by as their owners look around.

Signs, banners, and hands are thrust out on both sides of the parade line.

Hulk Hogan says hello. Bikes and riders alike, come in all shapes styles, and ages.

Smile, we are being taped. Many of the riders had cameras mounted to their bikes, or being operated by their passengers. I am probably on several thousand home recordings of the trip to the lake.

Riders from Ecuador, and other south American countries.

Reach out and touch someone. There was lots of this going on all over the parade route. People would rush out and slap hands, or pat the riders. This one struck me in particular because I can not imagine two places more unalike than Ecuador, and Green Bay.

The parade has been going on for an hour now, and shows no sign of letting up. I will soon be moving down to walk the parade route. I hope to end up at the festival grounds at about the time the parade ends.

Relaxed and having as much fun as you can have while sitting down.

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.

A couple of the dwarves along with a girl who must be Snow White. Hi Ho, Hi Hog.

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