The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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Welcome Back
We missed you.

The stock of flag making companies must have risen drastically just before the Harley 100th took place.

Out for a spin, these very conservative, conventional, and relaxed looking riders are just here to have a good time.

A bit of a traffic jam here, which happens from time to time. When the crowds further down Wisconsin Avenue get a bit too affectionate, everything grinds to a halt.

On the move, once more, these enthusiasts roar by, enjoying the parade, but hoping to get to the lake sometime soon.

Exuberant, and a bit intoxicated by miles of cheering fans, the riders raise arms, wave hands, and  seem to ride several inches above the ground.

A look east, down Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee's main street. We are looking east towards Lake Michigan. The lake itself, along with the festival grounds are a couple of miles down the street. Traffic has stopped once again.

Where's the fire?

Harley VonDavidson. I can't determine the exact make of this bike, but it could very well be a Harley. They did offer two stroke and even off road bikes for a number of years. In past wars, they even made special bikes for the military, including a flat twin with a drive shaft for desert use.

More visitors from New Zealand, showing their nations flag and their passion's flag.

It's a stretch, but they made it. Lots of hands being slapped today.

The twins propelled down the street by the V-Twin.

Stopped again, but no one seems to mind. The bikers are bunched up for blocks waiting for traffic to move.

Moving again, the parade riders wave, smile, and stare at the crowds awaiting them.

Dad has the kids today, and has decided to take them for a little spin. I wonder where mom is, and if she knows where they are?

This rider is using his camera phone to send pictures back to his friends.

The cell phone user seems to be eating his words here. A buffalo rider sits behind.

Indian stopped producing motorcycles years ago (though the company name has been resurrected). Even so, the chief here seems to be wearing an indian head dress.

I waved to your mom, but she didn't wave back.

Having a great time, wish the kids could be here to see it.

Here, helmets display allegiance, One with the red white and blue, one with the green and gold.

Things are at a bit of a standstill, because of the crowds. More HOG banners can be seen in the background.

Nearly done with the parade route, and just heading into downtown.
This is where the heaviest crowds were gathered. 

And still they come. The HOG chapters have passed, but thousands of unaffiliated riders continue down the street.

People move off of the sidewalks and out into the streets, wanting to get closer to the bikers.

The spectators have signs and banners of their own. Most say welcome, or come back soon.

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