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90th reunion ride
The first of the Harley spectaculars

    This was the one that really started it all off. There have always been reunion rides to Milwaukee, but they have generally been relatively small, private gatherings of several thousand riders. The big rides have always been out to Sturgis or similar places, but something happened during the 90th. The thing seemed to take on a life, spirit, and energy of it's own. I wandered down, out of curiosity, not expecting anything too spectacular. It seems as if the whole city had the same idea. There were swarms of people everywhere. There were people on the bridges over the freeway, they lined the downtown streets for several miles along the parade route, they hung out of windows, off of parking ramps, and filled the sidewalks.
    There were estimated at over 100,000 visitors. For several days, you could go nowhere in the city without seeing and hearing vast throngs of motorcycles. the campgrounds at State Fair, and those up at Waukesha Expo were filled, along with every motel, hotel, and inn near the city. People were staying in Madison, and even in Chicago. Several streets in Milwaukee, West Allis, and other places were closed, and turned into gigantic block parties. Then, after three days, it was over. The whole place seemed empty. Well, there would be another huge one five years latter, when the 95th turned out to be bigger, and the 100th is predicted to be bigger still.
Nothing happening yet, but there are huge crowds waiting. This is the corner of Wisconsin, and Water. 
The streets are lined with people, waiting for the bikes to arrive. Some have been here for hours.
Here they come, rounding the bend! The ride started a couple of miles up Wisconsin avenue, but these crossroads here are probably the best spot from which to watch. Actually, the ride really started up by State Fair Park, many miles up the freeway.
Coming into view is the police escort.
The vanguard crosses over.
This rather far off view, is of Jay Leno, who for weeks talked about the upcoming reunion ride.
This old style hot rod was the conveyance of ZZTop, who would be performing at the nights festivities.
The V.I.P convertible, followed by some celebrity bikers, including the reunion's poster boy, Jay Leno.
And here they come, the first of the reunion rider bikers.
Motorcycle police from all over the country also joined in. 
More police riders, followed by reunion riders.
A wide angle view of the main crossroad of downtown Milwaukee, as the reunion riders roll past.
One of several motorcycle teams, which rode in formation down the parade route. 
More motorcycle cops. It seems as if entire departments have come up for the reunion. Hopefully the folks back home will be on their best behavior until these guys can get back to work.
A big bunch of riders roars across Water Street. The parade is really just getting started.
There were several lulls, where there seemed to be no riders coming. The starting point had thousands of riders lined, up, and they were started off at intervals to prevent crowding. Sometimes the starters misjudged, and let too few riders go.
Another lull, during which people seem to flow just a bit further out into the street. Motorcycle police (very appropriate) come along from time to time, and shoo them back. Within moments, they are out on the street again.
Another batch of motorcycles comes through, within the first hour of the parade, the bikes will become an almost continuous stream, but for now, it is still a bit sporadic.
The first trike I have seen in the parade. It's rider appears to have been doing this for a while. 

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