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A small group passes. 
A mere trickle of riders for now, but just wait.
More riders, from a seemingly unending supply.
A British flag flies from this most American bike. The camcorder being carried by the rear passenger is certainly Japanese.
More flags, this time a POW/MIA, along with an American flag. Lots of Harley owners are veterans. Note the woman on the back, with her camcorder.
Up the hill with tents and sleeping bags strapped in classic fashion across handlebars and seat backs.
Hey buddy, you're going the wrong way. Working motorcycle officers patrol the edges of the crowd.
Standing up, and showing off. 
The official flag of HOG, the Harley Owners Group.
Many flags were displayed, as people gave in to their desire to express both individualism, and allegiance.
A Harley motorcycle drill team. Heavy iron, light on it's feet.
The drill team heading up the hill on Wisconsin Avenue.
Coming around the bend, with arms outstretched.
Avenue of the flags
Sidecars in abundance.
Cheers; I hope that's a soda can.
A few riders, as they are still coming mostly single file. Soon enough there will be huge crowds of bikes, as the organizers realize that this parade will never end if the riders continue to come single file. 
Yet another sidecar rig, with a snazzy two tone paint job.
A four passenger motorcycle. What a cozy way to travel. 
Does his own decorating.

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