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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride

Oh Canada. 
A two tone gold finish sidecar rig. It must be hers, or he would certainly insist on driving.
Superman in his long johns. Some people dressed up for the show. 
This aftermarket sidecar rig heads for the hill, and the last leg of the parade. 
A pair of riders, and passengers, but still only a trickle.
Getting a bit thicker
A few more come, along with another sidecar.
Let's keep them coming.
Stopping for a picture. I sometimes forget that these riders are tourists, and this is vacation for most of them. They have actually come here to see us, to see the city, and to see the place in which their favorite motorcycles were given birth.
Smile guys, I just need a few more pictures, and then I will move along.
More riders head up the hill towards the top of Wisconsin Avenue.
I just have to get a shot of this for the folks back home.
Don't tread on them (and they mean it).
It's the ice cream man.
Another four passenger motorcycle (well OK, three and a half).
Double file now, but still not enough.
Another sidecar rig.
A regular couple just here on vacation, but they get to ride in the parade.
More riders. This point is probably just a bit over half way through the parade route. 
Showing off for the spectators.

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