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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride

Well this was the first one of these that I saw, of a person going out in the road to slap hands with one of the riders, but I was to see many more. 
Showing their colors as they follow the parade route, these two photographed the crowds which were photographing them.
Riding in line, like a drill team, these riders have traveled a long way to get here. 
Is this a Viking, or does Santa Clause ride a Harley?
Trikes and big iron rumble down the street.
Nifty anniversary sidecar rig, with a matching trailer. Talk about traveling in style.
Nice day to ride bareback. 
Loyal and faithful HOGs display their flag.
More bikes, some with sidecars and custom paint.
It can be noted that people are beginning to move way out into the street. This is a trend that will continue. 
Another group passes. The riders were coming a bit faster now. Though many are familiar with the Harley sound, it was very nearly drowned out (if that can be believed) by the cheers and shouts of the crowd.
A nice two tone sidecar rig. This is the last photo I took before moving along the parade route.
A look down Milwaukee Street, filled with bikers, and spectators. 
People were hanging off of parking structures, out of windows, and on construction scaffolding. It seems as if the whole city had turned out.
The corner of Milwaukee, and Wisconsin, looking up from Milwaukee Street. This is only a few blocks from Lake Michigan, and the parade route turned right here, to head south on Milwaukee, towards the Summerfest grounds, where the reunion festival was being held. Note the watchers on the construction scaffolding, and hanging out the windows.
Lots of thumbs up, and people hanging out everywhere. By this point, everyone in the crowd wanted to touch the bikers.
Rounding the turn from Wisconsin on to Milwaukee Street, here they come for the last leg.

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