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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride

The parade has picked up momentum, filling the streets. No longer are the motorcycles traveling single file. This will continue through most of the afternoon.
Traveling in earnest now, the parade is in full swing.
Milwaukee Street was just a bit crowded, as the bikers headed towards the lake.
Having the time of their lives, I am certain. This was just too much for many of the riders. 
Not your stereotypical biker girls.
Disbelieving riders round the corner at Milwaukee street, and look down a hill crowded with even more people. 
Waving, smiling, and shouting.
More flags and more smiling riders. 
Hey buddy, eyes front! You will have all night to talk to your fellow Harley riders.
A parade of full dress bikes, and their happy riders. No one who came to this reunion ride regretted the time, trouble or expense.
More streets full of motorcycles. Milwaukee Street is just a bit more organized than a friendly riot.
Smile, we are being recorded. 
Another Harley couple, and their freind/mascot. The biker image is defiantly changing. THis is not the first fury stuffed animal I saw accompanying a rider. 
A sidecar rig with an empty sidecar. It's rider waves at the crowd which is hanging off of every structure, and filling every available space. As on most of the parade route, many thumbs are extended, and hands are outstretched.
A new group of bikes rounds the corner, including this full dresser with a matching trailer.
More filming going on. There must be several hundred tapes of the progress along the parade route. I wouldn't mind seeing one.
People and bikes are everywhere on Milwaukee Street.
Everybody on he street smile.
A contrasting pair ride past o their Harleys. One looking like a traditional biker couple, while the other could be store clerks from the suburbs.
Where do you park? The parking structures are full of people.

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