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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride

As the bikes roll down Milwaukee Street, they are greeted by yet another throng of fans.
Another flag bearer. There were flags in abundance.
Now riding four abreast, and more, the riders really start to come. Around this turn, the ground rumbles, and you can feel your body vibrate in synch with the engines. The parade catered to all of the senses.
People lining the streets, poles, windows, and parking structures of Milwaukee Street.
People are everywhere. these girls hang out a window, balancing on a storefront sign.
Riding with one hand and reaching out with the other. everyone wanted to be part of the reunion ride.
Crowds of bikers, and motorcycle fans everywhere. 
A moment of order among all of the chaos, but it would not last long.
Heading out of downtown and under the bridge to the summerfest grounds, where the reunion celebration will be held. 
A large number of thumbs were on display all along the route.
A black clad chopper rider, and his similarly dressed companion.
Many of the riders were busy photographing or videotaping their journey. All were impressed, and startled by the crowds. The parade route went through several miles of Milwaukee's downtown, and was choked the whole way by huge numbers of cheering spectators. There were hundreds of thousands of people along the route.
Heading down Milwaukee street towards the end of the line.
Classic Harley bikes, gear and people.
A Milwaukee motorcycle cop, on duty, reminds us not to wander too far off of the curb. The traffic is moving slowly enough, without the street being blocked any further by sightseers.
More bikers, some with signs, continue to parade down Milwaukee Street. 
The freeway passing over the south end of Milwaukee street. people are out on the street trying to touch the bikers. There are also a number of people standing on the freeway to get a better view. From time to time the sheriffs come and shoo them away.
Down towards the bottom of Milwaukee Street. Riders will now have to navigate a series of turns to get them past the barricaded parking areas and down to the lake front festival grounds. 
Bikers and spectators are both packed in tightly, on Milwaukee Street as well as along the rest of the route. It is a very loud, and friendly gathering. 
Chaos begins to reign. The street was very crowded, and amazingly noisy. The ground practically shook. We are still looking up Milwaukee Street.

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