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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride

Down the hill they come, to be greeted by happy onlookers. This is near the end of the parade route; on Milwauke Street. There is maybe a mile to go on the twisted side streets south of downtown.
Off they go, headed under the freeway towards food, drink, fun, and parking.
Being a Harley rider on a reunion ride, seems like a good way to get a sore hand. 
Chaos, confusion, fun and good cheer. 
What in the world? A photographer finds a way to get above the crowd. the dogs staring at him seem more confused than disapproving.
Approaching even more of the huge crowd of well wishers, which has gathered. We are looking south towards the end of Milwaukee Street.
North up Milwaukee Street, and the hand clasping continues. It seems that being a parade spectator is also a good way to get a set of sore hands. 
Oink Oink.
Mom and dad say hi, and complain that you never call.
A group of sidecars trundle down towards the end of Milwaukee Street. 
Approaching the turn off of Milwaukee Street. Chaos is beginning to reign.
At the bottom of the hill, and another gauntlet of hands to pass through.
Looking back up the street and still no end in sight. The parade went on for hours. 
Aw c'mon, just a little piece.
More riders passing under the freeway. Note the observers and photographers who have walked out and are standing on the freeway.
Bikes as far as the eye can see (and then some).
Looking back up Milwaukee Street, north towards Wisconsin Avenue. We have crossed under the freeway which is sort of the unofficial dividing line between downtown and the industrial near south side. 
One of several turns that will have to be made through the warren of side streets, as reunion riders wind their way towards the lake, and the festival grounds. 
Numerous flags commemorating America's only remaining motorcycle company.
Another parade of flags. There is no shortage of flags, banners, and streamers at this parade.

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