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90th reunion ride

Off of Milwaukee Street and on to the side streets that lead to the Summerfest grounds. Summerfest itself is one of the largest music festivals in the world, and lasts for two weeks. In addition to Summerfest, the grounds host other festivals nearly every weekend during the summer months. 
the end of Milwaukee Street; we are almost at the river. From here the route zig zags off towards the lake. 
Another turn, and we are now heading east. The route twists because many streets are closed off. 
Most of the streets, except for the parade route, are closed off. They can be approached from the other side, and are to serve as overflow motorcycle parking lots. 
Yet another rider with a camcorder. All of these barricaded streets will be opened for motorcycle parking, after the parking lots fill. 
Passing the blocked off streets. Note the riders on the other side heading in the other direction. All of these streets will be opened as motorcycle only parking lots, when the primary lots are full. 
Almost there now.
More riders come. The ride has been fun and the crowds were inspiring, but now most riders want to pull over, stop, rest a bit, and enjoy the festivities. 
Getting ready to pull over. 
Oink Oink.
Tattoos are everywhere. 
Approaching the promised land. This is the final turn before riders can start parking their bikes. Though it is still a fair distance to the festival grounds, many decide to end their rides here. 
More riders, rounding the final turn. 
Motorcycles going off in either direction , as far as the eye can see. 
Turning into a bit of a choke point, traffic begins to bunch up at this turn. 
Very crowded here. The entire parade has been funneled down to this one narrow street.
Very nearly there. Pedestrians are actually moving faster than the bikes here. It is very crowded, and the going is quite slow. People are starting to pull over and park. Though it is still many blocks to the festival grounds, they can now walk about as fast as they can ride. 
Around the final turn, we are at a small park, and on a street which parallels the lake. A series of side streets go the last several blocks, but all are barricaded. They will serve as alternate parking for motorcycles only. The parade route itself will be blocked off, after it is over, and used as a sort of gigantic motorcycle lot. 
This is pretty much the end. many riders have already pulled over and parked, though many more still continue off towards the grounds.
Some riders decide to stop right here. They are parked, and will walk the final several blocks to the grounds. 

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