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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride

Yes, it really was this crowded. This is not a parking area, but is still out on the street. Bikers were lined up for blocks waiting to get into the parking lots.
All roads seem to lead here. This is the main entrance to the expansive parking areas adjacent to the Summerfest grounds. 
Note that the officer in white helping to direct traffic, is not a Milwaukee, or even a Wisconsin, law enforcement officer. No one seemed to mind though. We are all friends here. 
Milwaukee, is an Indian word meaning gathering place of the waters. In this case, it is more like the gathering of the bikes
They just keep coming. The parade is still going on, up on Wisconsin Avenue, and Milwaukee Street, even as the parking lots begin to fill at the lake. 
The south end of Lake Park, just south of the Art Center (War Memorial Center), and just north of the Summerfest grounds. In the upper left hand side of the photo, a striped tent can be seen under the freeway. This is the rock tent on the Summerfest grounds. This area has changed considerably since this photo was taken. The parking area in the foreground is where the new art center addition now stands. 
More grass, trees, people, and bikes, at Milwaukee's lakefront. 
A sign posted on a nearby tree informs us of the next day's bike blessing. I always knew that there was a religious aspect to being a Harley owner. 
A very nice couple from Barrow Alaska. They were originally from Minnesota. Point Barrow is the farthest north you can go without very special arrangements. This couple thought that they had the award for the longest ride locked in, since they knew that no one else from Barrow had gone. Unfortunately, some riders from Fairbanks beat them out. Though Fairbanks is not as far away, the road is not direct, and it is actually more road miles to there from Milwaukee.
New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines had representation. Bikers came from all over the world.
Parking under the freeways, as the sun starts to go down. This huge area, and the surrounding streets are momentarily, the worlds largest bike show.
The night's lineup. 
Just south of the entrance to the festival grounds, looking away from the gate at all of the motorcycles.
The orange roof, in the background, is the entrance to the Summerfest grounds. For those who had the amazing good luck to be able to park right here, it will be a short walk. 
A bit further back, with the gates still visible.
Hey!! This is not a bring your own beverage party.
Parking under the freeways. Generally these bikes were meant to be on top of the freeways, rather than underneath them.
Could all of these bikes really have been made here in Milwaukee?

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