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Harley Davidson
90th reunion ride
I never saw so many motorcycles in my life!

Several blocks from the festival grounds, all of the parking lots in this largely industrial and warehouse area are filled with motorcycles.
Past a sea of bikes, a rail bridge over the Milwaukee River can be seen, as well as the Allen Bradley (now Rockwell Automation) clock tower. We are several blocks south and west of the festival grounds. 
A car, seeming like some kind of alien visitor, among all of the motorcycles.
A typical view on one of the many side streets leading towards the Summerfest grounds.
An overview of one of the huge parking lots, full of motorcycles. A bit of the Milwaukee skyline is in the background. Notable is the First Wisconsin (now Firstar) bank building, known affectionately in Milwaukee as "The Big Finger."
Visitors looking over each others bikes. 
The Highway, the big finger, and acres of bikes. It is now early evening, and the parade has finally finished. Most of the bikers are parked, and entering the grounds.
Another street full of bikes. 
A local Piggly Wiggly welcomes Harley owners to Hog Heaven.
An old warehouse, right on the Milwaukee River serves as another makeshift parking lot. 
Stopping to stare at all of the bikes. I can empathize. I don't believe it either. 
Parked several blocks away, and heading for the festival grounds. 
For those who could not get into one of the lots, there is street parking. This part of town, is generally a sleepy semi industrial section, but it will be wide awake for this weekend. 
A side street perhaps a mile from the grounds. We are somewhat south of downtown, and a bit west of the lake, very near the southern branch of the Milwaukee River. 
Most of the nearby streets have been closed to turn them into big parking lots. 
Still trying to find a nearby parking spot. At this hour, these intrepid souls will likely have to settle for something many blocks away. 
Streets have been turned into motorcycle parking lots. 
Motorcycle parking only. This entire area for a mile or so surrounding the grounds, has been closed off, and reserved for motorcycle parking.
Heading up to the grounds, on streets filled with bikes. 
Almost there, but don't count on parking this close, unless there is room left in the lots. The arch off to the right of the photo is the festival ground entrance. 

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