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Harley Davidson
95th Birthday Bash

Riders are lined up, waiting for traffic to move, just past the turn from Michigan Avenue onto Milwaukee Street.

Spectators, too, are lined up, not only several rows deep, but several columns high as well.

Heading towards the bridge which is sort of the unofficial dividing line between downtown, and the semi industrial and warehouse area of the old third ward.

A view from under the bridge, north up Milwaukee Street, towards Downtown.

This is a busy parade for hands. Everywhere you look they are waving or stuck out waiting to be slapped.

All semblance of order is being lost here, as the riders, and spectators merge and crowd together near the end of the route.

Saying hi to the folks. I suspect that many of the riders are beginning to wonder just how long this route goes on, and how many people have mustered themselves to line the way.

Waving flags and shaking or slapping hands, the crowds have some to see the riders, and the riders have come to gawk at the crowds.

Riders veer through crowds which have, once again, ambled pretty far out into the street.

A volunteer can be seen trying to get some of the people back up onto the sidewalk. Most seem unaware of his presence.

We are past all of the freeway overpasses, and have left the Downtown area and are in the third ward.

Looking back past the  warehouses and lofts of the beginning of the third ward, towards Downtown.

A good natured steward of crowd control does her best, but is not going to let the impossibility of keeping order get to her here.

As in other places along the route, people wander pretty far out into the street, and are occasionally shooed back onto the sidewalk.

This broad road leads off into a labyrinth of small, twisted, streets, and parking lots.

Reach out and touch someone, or perhaps you will settle for just a wave.

Lined up and waiting for things to move. There are significant traffic stoppages, as riders further on begin to park their bikes, or wait to get into the huge lots bounding the Summerfest grounds.

Not since Roman times have so many mounted riders been hailed from the rooftops.

Several crowded rooftops can be seen in this view.

Passing in review, these riders are cheered on for the final leg of their journey.

This near to the grounds, a party atmosphere has already begun to develop. People sit in lawn chairs or sprawl on the ground.

The roads twist and turn from here on in, and all sign of organization soon disappears.
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