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95th Birthday Bash

Passing by some of the industrial areas on the near South Side. We have almost reached the festival grounds.

We are Nearly at the end of Milwaukee Street, and the end of the parade has already passed. people still mill about, and the parade continues further down the route, though many of the riders are pulling out to find parking.

We are approaching the final turn, and it can be seen that many riders are dropping out and getting ready to walk the rest of the way to the grounds.

A birthday banner is unfurled near the end of the route.

Factories and warehouses abound here. It can be seen than a number of bikes have already been pulled over and parked.

Hoping to get just a bit closer, a red sidecar rig rolls past some riders who have already stopped.

This is no longer a parade or a procession, but is now simply a gathering of thousands of riders waiting to park and get into the festival grounds.

Riders wait in line for Summerfest grounds parking, while other go past, hoping to find something at the lake front.

The numbers grow, and traffic becomes stalled.

Mounted riders wait to enter the parking areas, while others, who arrived earlier mingle, as do those who have just come to watch.

Traffic splits at the threshold of the festival parking areas.

Look at all of those motorcycles. This is the official end of the parade route, though riders go off in every direction here. Traffic officers make a valiant effort, and actually do find a measure of success. The riders are directed off into two streams, feeding into the Northern, and Southern lots.

Dismounted, and looking for the entrance to the grounds.

A few block away, another group of riders heads east to find parking, and the Summerfest grounds.

This route takes riders to the main entrance of the Summerfest grounds, and past the Italian Community Center.

The last block before the entrance to the grounds, and there is not a chance of parking here.

The entrance is visible, but these riders will have to pass by and either hit the main lots to the right, or go left to park along the lake front.

Another view of the promised land (HOG heaven).

Heading off to more of the parking areas. Note the freeway overhead, which is jammed with people who have pulled over and gotten out of their cars to watch the motorcycles. Parking on the freeway is just slightly dangerous.

They went that-a-way

Some HOG groups enter the parking areas. Despite the huge crowds, motorcycles do not take up much space, and there was more than enough parking for everyone. Cars were strictly forbidden in the lots, or the area during the event.
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