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95th Birthday Bash

The end of the line. We are in the warren of side streets, and lots which are part of the warehouse district of the old third ward. This is just south of the downtown area, and just west of the Summerfest ground where the 95th celebration is to be held.

Looking east along the road to the Summerfest grounds. This was the final part of the parade route, but most of the riders never made it this far. It was impossible for any but the very first to park here.

Under the bridge can be seen the crescent of the main gate of the festival grounds.

A look up the same street, in the opposite direction, motorcycles line both sides of the street.

Looking up another side street, north towards the buildings of Downtown Milwaukee.

In case there is any doubt, the sign tells us that this is the right place. This is the entrance to the Summerfest grounds, at which the main activities will take place. A ticket is required for entrance, and it is far too late to even consider getting one at this point. Tickets sold out well ahead of time, most being acquired with motorcycle purchases, or through the various HOG chapters.

People meet friends, have a look around, and perhaps look for a place to park, before going inside.

These visitors are certainly dressed for the occasion.
This is just one of the multitude of custom, special, unique, one off, or highly modified bikes which were ridden in for the celebration.

A view up the road on Harbor Drive, which is the path to the Port of Milwaukee. Along with the rest of the lake front, this area is closed to non motorcycle traffic and being used as a parking area for motorcycles.

Yes, it really was as crowded as it looks.

No one likes to travel alone. For the long distance or touring rider, their are many types of companionship.

A look up the south curve of Lincoln Memorial Drive, which is the road that borders the lake. This view is looking north over a sea of motorcycles. The building to the right of the photo is the War Memorial Center (also known as the Art Center).

Motorcycles are crammed in everywhere along the lake front. Here large numbers are parked on the median strip, and under the bridge leading off onto Wisconsin Avenue from the Lake.

All of the enthusiasm, pride of ownership, and independence of the Harley mystique, may be summed up by this photo, and by the license plate in the foreground.

Even though it is powered by a Volkswagen engine, this trike drew many admiring glances.

A sign welcoming Harley riders hangs from a bridge overpass filled with visitors and well wishers. Motorcycles fill the streets below.

A close look under this bridge shows no trolls, only hogs.

One of the great attractions of the Harley is clearly shown by this photo, in which no two of these bikes are alike.

Lincoln Memorial Drive continues to fill with motorcycles. As the streets fill, riders will have to park further up the lake.

North of the bridge, the display of motorcycles continues. Walking along the lake, I saw motorcycles packed together for over a mile past the bridge. I can not even begin to estimate their numbers.

I have a weakness for sidecars, and would certainly not be hesitant to take off for parts unknown in this rig. From the paint scheme, and the logo, it seems that this is a 90th anniversary model.

The majority of the events are presented at the Summerfest grounds, but there are a number of free events open to the public along the lake.

Another red sidecar rig, though this one seems like it may be a bit older than the one shown above.

A photograph of the V-Twin engine of this venerable rig, taken as an army of newer models rumbles past.

Parked along the side streets of Downtown Milwaukee are thousands of motorcycles. An entire police department, or perhaps elements from several different departments fills this street.

Representatives from many different departments are here to keep things in line, or perhaps just to have a good time.
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