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95th Birthday Bash

Motorcycles gather, and crowds begin to form for one of the many informal block parties which were organized at numerous locations around town. This particular location was the block between Farwell, and Oakland, along North Avenue.

Custom, as well as stock bikes were lined up all over the street as a sort of informal bike show.

This is one bike I would not follow too closely. I might melt.

The tank of the same bike.

A little farther back, showing some details of the engine and chrome work.

People fill the streets to meet, talk, and look at motorcycles.

benches and stages are set up, and a series of local bands are to play throughout the night.

Some of the side streets are also blocked off to become gigantic motorcycle parking lots.

The streets are wet from a light rain, which takes some of the heat from the pavement. The weather does not dampen the spirits of the party goers, and the crowd continues to grow.

Cars are not exactly welcome here, at the moment. Signs are posted on all the nearby streets indicating that there is temporary motorcycle parking only.

The five corner area where Farwell, North, Cramer, Ivanhoe, and Murray all come together. This is one of the hubs of the East Side of Milwaukee, and was the site of one of the larger block parties.

Cars wait to turn off past the blocked off sections of the road. Four wheeled vehicles are not allowed to park here during the party.

A slightly askew view of the five corners. The street in the foreground is Ivanhoe, which has become a motorcycle parking area.

Yet another look out across the five corners area.

This little triangle of concrete and brick is Hooligan's, one of the busiest places on the East Side.

Yet another view of Hooligan's (hey, the place is Milwaukee tradition; it rates another picture).

Hooligan's, along with most of the adjacent Ivanhoe Place.

Ivanhoe Place, filled with a king's ransom in motorcycles.

And still they come. There was a constant flow of traffic in and out, as visitors moved from one block party to another. This went on all day, and into the night.

Party central on the East Side. Note the line of motorcycles parked in front of the street barricades.

Things don't really get started until nightfall, though there were quite a number of people present during the day. The street is no longer closed, and the block party has ended, but the partying is just getting started.

Just around the corner, the Oriental Theater is showing the only appropriate movie for the occasion.

The streets, sidewalks, and entrance ways are jammed, as if it were a holiday, which might not be too far off the mark.

The crowds remain, and will remain all night.
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