The Little festival that could
Showing off; Wares and Bikes
Downtown Milwaukee, as a backdrop to the reunion grounds. the city proper, is seperated from the park by a large hill which leads down to the lake. The park itself is almost completely isolated, with just a few roads connecting it to the rest of the city.
A collection of visitor's bikes makes for an impromtu motorcycle show. Guests at the reunion are invited to put their bikes on display.
Motorcycler enthusiasts gather around the bikes of thier peers, casting critical or envious looks. 
Well, it could use some sprucing up, but I think we should get it. What do you think?
Easy Rider lives.
A classic chopper, complete with traditional ape hanger handlebars, shares space with a full dresser.
Great pain job, though I had always considered a Harley to be a hog rather than a wolf.
A classic sutom bike with lots of chrome, a custom carb, custom alloy wheels,  and a stunning flame paint job. 
Love at first sight.
Captain America, vs the Doughboy. A great custom bike looking as if it were right out of the sixties, along side a military Harley from the First World War.
A great old sidecar Harley from the First World War. This unit has a hand brake, and a hand shifter. Note that the sidecar actually has a door. A survivor from a more genteel time.
A somewhat newer rendition of the classic Harley sidecar. Harley has been in business a long time.
There is a 160 bike limit, but welcome to the Ride-in bike show. Come on in and show off your pride and joy.
Decisions, desicions. It is amazing what people can and will do to their bikes. Shows like this are a great palce to get ideas, and find out if a particular idea would look good on your bike.
Taking a serious look. 

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