The Little festival that could
Being There
In case you were wondering where big Harley Davidsons come from.
Crowds begin to form around the tents, and attractions.
Nothing says Milwaukee like sausages and beer for sale out of a tent. Usingers is just about the best, by the way.
A climbing and trick riding exhibition.
Woah boy! This nimble little bike is not made by Harley. 
I don't recommend trying this with a hog. 
Off he goes. This is about as far from the Harley style of riding as you can get, but what the heck. It is a motorcycle, after all. 
Checking out the grounds with the city in the background.
Things begin to pick up , as more people arrive. The large white building in the background is the Firstar (formerly First Wisconsin) bank building. For years this was the only really tall building downtown, and is still, by far the tallest. many residents have nick named it "the big finger" because it sticks out conspicuously from the rest of the skyline. It is only coincidence that it is pointed at Chicago.
Assorted foods, and attractions announce their wares. The place here looks a bit like a carnival.
Inside of the Buell tent, showing off some of the high performance possibilities.
Pondering the merits of Harley Davidsons performance division.
A bit of Lake Michigan, behind one of the exhibit vans. These park grounds jut out into the lake a bit, so that there is water to the south as well as the east of them. This particular photo is looking south.
More tents, with some of  the east side apartment buildings and some new construction on the hills overlooking Lake Park.
A tent selling various jackets, and other leather gear. The Art Center (also known as the War Memorial Center) stands in the background.
Some of the reunion grounds with all three buildings making up the Art Center, in the background. During the 100th reunion, there will be some exhibits, and displays at the Art Center.
Looking north, along the grounds.
People come here to meet, look at bikes, show off bikes, eat, drink, and have fun.
The people here come in all shapes sizes, and cultures, however, there is one thing they all have in common, at least in this photo. Everyone here is wearing jeans.
This is a "little" reunion, only by comparison. In truth, there are large numbers of people here.

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