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Train Tour
        For those who are interested, there is a vintage train, which tours the area around K-25. This is not an old stream train, but a train of the war period, a diesel from the forties, with cars of the same vintage. The trip lasts a bit over an hour, and mostly goes through the Tennessee countryside. It does pass through a pair of security gates, and passes pretty close to the old separation plant.
The tour train, at the little station of what had Formerly been Wheat. This is now in the midst of the Heritage Center.
A passenger car is now linked on; but there are also evening dinner trains, where a dining car is attached instead.
The interior of a typical forties passenger rail car. These have been lovingly restored, and are run as a tourist train.
The old baggage car is now the snack car. The open side are nice for catching some fresh air, and maybe sticking your head out for a better look at things.
A shot out the window of the engine, as we round a curve.
These cars were made before the advent of automatic braking systems. Thus, every car had it's own brake, and brakemen were still a requirement of rail service.
The platform, between cars, is all closed down in travel mode, and makes a great open air place to watch the scenery, and take photos.
A bit of uranium glass, glows under UV light. This was a pretty popular glass additive, and gave a nice lime green color to class, at the early part of the last century. It is no longer made; but is easy to find.
Little roads meander in and out; but for the most part, the track has the countryside to itself.
A few houses dot the forested hills here.
This is still farm country, though many of the old small farming communities are gone.
We are not that far from K-25; but it is as if we are out in the middle of the country.
You can't go far here, without seeing massive amounts of power lines.
This bridge was not built here. It was determined necessary to the war effort to have a bridge here as soon as possible to service the K-25 facility, so one was taken from another location, and brought here for installation.
Passing through the security gates gets us as close to K-25 as it is possible to get.
Great natural scenery, as well as structures with significant historical interest.
Passing some of the sealed cars on their way to burial in Nevada.
Some of the passengers come up for a final look as we slow down to stop at the station.
The platform is up, and we are pulling into the station.
Back at the little station in what had once been the little town of Wheat; but is now the Heritage Center, adjacent to old K-25.
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