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The Secret City Festival
        The Secret City Festival is held the third weekend of June, and is an outgrowth of an early craft fair, that had been held in the spring. there are special tours, of the Oak Ridge facilities, as well as a number of goings on in town, and of course, the opportunity to buy things. There is also entertainment, including a headliner stage show at night.

A look down at the unfolding of the festival. Things are just getting stated, as it is quite early in the day on Friday.
At the edge of the city park is the Secret City Commemorative Walk, with the names of many of those who contributed to the success of the project.
Tents, a flea market, antique show, and craft show as well as a number of vendors, all vie for attention. This very much reminds me of the early days of Milwaukee's Summerfest.
More vendors inhabit the civic center, adjacent to the park.
A remote controlled robot, of the same type as used by security services, and bomb squads. They are also now used for forced entry, and occasionally for nuclear work in contaminated areas. They are made in the Oak Ridge area.
Tables full of nuclear related paraphernalia. We pretty much embraced the nuclear culture, early on. We were, after all, a forward looking and progressive people. If only that were still true.
More nuclear stuff, including a number of Geiger counters and survey gear.
An assortment of historic photos, and scrapbook items from the days of the Manhattan project.
The original phone directory, as well as a number of other bits of nostalgia from the early days of oak Ridge.
There are various things for kids to do as well, since most would probably be pretty bored with the exhibits inside.
These trucks are lines up for the WWII reenactment. Several mock WWII battles are staged, and it is pretty interesting to watch.
This is not a vendor. Participants line up to get their uniforms, and other gear.
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