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        Those of us who survived the sixties, remember The Turtles as a pretty white bread group. This is what they call light rock today, and what we had called bubble gum rock back in the day. This was essentially rock for young teen age girls. Latter on, these two had to change their name, and their style, due to a lawsuit. For years, they played quite a different kind of rock with Frank Zappa, as The Mothers of Invention. This is also when they ditched their real names, and began to call themselves Flo and Eddie. At any rate, the show was far more fun than I had thought it would be, and was as much a comedy show, as a music show.
No, this is not Flo and Eddie of The Turtles. It is a local opening act from Knoxville, Dave Landeo, and his wife.
Well, here they are, and they seem quite happy to be here. The Turtles started out as a local act, and are from Tennessee.
This is THE LIST. Please don't ask us to do any other songs. These are the songs we do, and we write them down so we will remember. If you make any requests we just get confused, and then want to leave.
Starting things off, presumably with one of the songs on the list. These two are now in their mid sixties, and seem determined not to get old - as long as they stick to the list.
Dancing around the stage and having fun.
Bouncing around doing one of their old songs from their Mothers of Invention incarnation.
Flo and Eddie of The Turtles, The Mothers, or whatever you want to call them.
Wait a minute, wait a minute; we don't need this!
Doing their final song which was, if I remember correctly, Elanore.
With the show over, we begin to get up and leave, for about two hours, hundreds of people were sitting on the grass, on blankets, or on lawn chairs.,
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