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A visit to the Minnesota State Fair.

At the starting gates. We leave the bus corral, and head towards the fair grounds.

The turnstiles, and entry gates. After years of visiting the fair, this has become a familiar sight.

The water ride sits just off of the entrance to the Fair. This is the first thing you see when you come in, and seems to welcome and invite.

More families come down the chute.

The Fair is a very crowded place.

Looking around to get my bearings, I see nothing but food, people, and large rides off in the background.

Looking down towards numerous food stalls, and kitchen trailers. There is better food located further within the park.

Trees and people

A long look down a human packed lane, where it is not even possible to see the pavement.

The State Fair Penny Arcade sits off to the right. The Stop sign seems pretty out of place here, and I do not envy any motor vehicle which tries to navigate this throng.

A rare open space appears as we navigate towards one of the side streets.

This way to the animals, the exhibitors, and the livestock.

The smoke from cooking fires hang in the air. The smell of food is everywhere here.

Everywhere you look, there are more people.  A pair of balloons indicate a child below.

A look down one of the main ways, gives an indication of just how crowded this place is.

Food and people mix everywhere here.

A look up a tree lined avenue towards the grandstand.

One of the many stages throughout the grounds.

A wide boulevard acts as a main avenue of the park.

A general store, which sells a bit of everything. This is primarily for the exhibitors, and for those staying on the grounds.

A look towards the grandstand, with some of the food stalls to the left.

A look up at the Sky Glider. This converted ski lift spans the park.

This woman obviously has an opinion that she wishes to share.
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