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Travels alongside the Mississippi
Some aerial views of the park, and of the surrounding areas.

A look over at the race track, and the grandstand.

A look over towards the technology center.

The city of Minneapolis, as seen from high above the fair..

The grandstand, and the fairgrounds.

The city of St. Paul, as seen from high above the fair.

A band marches in one of the many parades which take place through out the day.

A float follows one of the many parade bands. It is being pulled, in true state fair fashion, by a tractor.

A ground level view of the parade.

Yet another marching band, probably from a local high school.

The queen of the fair waves at us from her float.

Riding around in the trashmobiles.

Local, and locally headquarted businesses enter floats, and carts in the various little parades. This particular one is from the zoo..

Another high school band marching at the fair.

Snoopy, and Lucy act as representatives of Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America.

An old fashioned fire truck, with it's siren going, and it's bell clanging.

Some more queens, princess's, and other assorted royalty of the fair.

This parade participant has gotten himself into quite a pickle.

A ten horse hitch pulls the Budwiser wagon.

The teamsters, along with a companion, and their trusty dog.

The Budwiser wagon, with a Dalmatian acting as a lookout.

Another classic fire truck.
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