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A selection of amusements for the children.

Charles Shultz, the creator of Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts, is from the Twin Cities. He is not forgotten here. The fair is filled with figures of various peanut characters. This particular year, it was Lucy who was the featured character.

Another Lucy stands ready to greet visitors, and delight children.

A white haired Lucy stands before a shy little girl.

Another little girl, and another Lucy. An observant mother stands right behind.

Grandma Lucy stands by with a fresh baked pie.

Visitors inspect several Lucy figures, out on one of the broad ways of the Fair.

A mother rakes a photo of her little girl, beside grandma Lucy.

Out near the busy grandstand area, is yet another Lucy.

Lucy, and Linus (complete with blanket) welcome visitors to one of the many park stages.

A look down the aisle, as visitors gather to watch the show, or perhaps just to take a break from a busy day of roaming the Fair.

A last view of Lucy and Linus, looking as if they had just won a talent show.

Another icon of the fair; the Minnesota Gopher.

Snoopy stands outside of the administration building, with that most typical of State Fair foods, the corn dog.

Snoopy and Woodstock, resting in one of the more restful garden areas of the park.

The stage, and surrounding benches.

Snoopy and his garden.

The grandstand is visible in the background, as we begin to get into the Midway area.

If you are attracted to being bounced around, this is your ride. A pair of riders is snapped into the air, as if being launched by a giant sling shot.

A rock climbing wall, sits among refreshments, and other amusements.

Traditional horrible midway food, and trinkets are also available.

The Midway, in all of it's glory.

Though it seems somewhat crowded now, the Midway does not really come alive until after nightfall.

One of the rides on the Kiddy Midway.

The Kiddy Midway in all of it's glory.

The kiddy rides are just a bit slower, a bit lower, and a bit less threatening than the full sized adult rides. This is just the thing for nervous children, or more likely, nervous parents.
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