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The DNR, and the Minnesota outdoors.

A group of observers  gather around the fish pond, near the DNR building. There is a natural area, and a performance stage near the center.

Inside of the DNR building. There are a variety of exhibits concerning the natural resources and the outdoors in Minnesota.

A typical fire tower. These are scattered throughout the woods. Observant volunteers man these towers and keep watch for smoke. The towers are often hit by lightning, and sometimes attract wild animals. The life of a fire tower volunteer can be pretty interesting.

A part of some of the natural areas, which have been planted to resemble the original prairies of this part of the state.

A copse of trees makes a convenient place to get out of the sun for a while, and relax.

Part of the natural prairie landscaping around the DNR building.

The entrance to the landscaped area around the Minnesota DNR center.

A look at the DNR building and at the fire tower which stands behind.

A motor home made from a semi truck. These are very durable, and are quite expensive. The conversions may be made on used vehicles, or can be purchased brand new.

A view of the drivers station.

Looking back towards the kitchen. The steps leading to the back bedroom can be seen through the passage.

A cozy, and well appointed sofa looks pretty inviting. It is hard to believe that this is all built into a semi truck chassis.

This is the garage of the motor home. It is large enough to contain a small car, or perhaps a couple of motorcycles. The bedroom sits above.

The dining nook. An entertainment center sits on the back wall.

A look back, into the bedroom. This particular model does not feature a "garage", and so the bedroom sits low.

Let's see how many people we can fit into a motor home.

A view towards the back of a different model. Three coaches were on display.

The Ball Park Cafe. This is a big outdoor version of a sports bar.

A far off view of the Ball Park Cafe. This is adjacent to the food building, and is a nice enough place to spend some time, provided that you can find a spot.

Relaxing at the Ball Park Cafe.

A detail of some of the cut outs, and paraphernalia which decorate the upper level of the Ball Park Cafe.

The ice men cometh. In the heat of the summer, ice is an important commodity.

Another look down a crowded way.

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