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The old haunted house, at the fair.

A huge statue of a pioneer woman. This building is full of information and activities for retired, and older people.

A look inside of a building full of antiques. This is a representation of how Minnesotans of a hundred or so years ago might have lived.

An assortment of the paraphernalia of domestic life from a century or so ago.

A post office setting from the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers.

A selection of domestic tools, and trappings, from an era long past.

A  look at an old fashioned loom. Frontier life was amazingly boring, as well as labor and time intensive.

The horticulture building filled with flowers, and arrangements, with a selection of gardens outside.

Some of the gardens outside of the Horticulture building.

The entrance to the "bridge" going to the main level of the grandstand. The Star Tribune stand is to the left, along with a wood carving.

Some of the food vendors at the fair, with the ever present grandstand looming in the distance.

A street level view of the old grandstand, with the usual crowd of people around.

A look up the very tall side of the old grandstand.

A look down one of the main avenues towards the livestock coliseum.

A building for one of the local television stations. There are live broadcasts from the fair, as well as shows, and things for fairgoers to do.

Trucks, tractors, and modern farm vehicles are on display, and offered for sale here.

A Bigfoot monster truck. There are a number of motor, and automobile exhibits, and the fairgrounds do contain a race track.

The Wonders of Technology building is one of my favorites. It is a showcase of computer and other high tech developments. Unlike many such exhibits, this one concerns itself with the present rather than the future.

A look down the side of the Wonders of Technology building.

The inside of the Wonders of Technology building.

A computer exhibit concerning itself with the world's largest super computers.

Exhibit halls, food stalls, and people fill the park.

A penny arcade is among a cluster of building drawing in visitors.

A walk along one of the lower slung, and more remote parts of the fair.

A row of log cabins offers food, trinkets, and  showcases numerous products.
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