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The Twin Cities
The Mall of America
This is the midwest's own monument to consumerism. The Mall of America was, for a time, the largest shopping mall in the world, and may still be the largest in the nation. Since it's construction, several other malls have overtaken it in size; but it is still huge.

A look back towards Minneapolis, several miles away.

A look out, over part of the mall, and some of the surrounding stores.

A look down one of the central areas of the mall. This is one of the few area where a photograph may at least give a partial indication of the extent of the place.

A look up the same area from the bottom.

A mid view of the place. This was labor Day weekend, and the Jerry Lewis Telethon was going on. The mall is hosting part of the entertainment, and is also where the operators were standing by waiting for donation calls.

A look towards the open ceilinged area, from one of the adjacent arcades

A look up the multi leveled tiers of the inside of the mall.

This is the entrance, nf the bar of the Rain forest restaurant, inside of the Mall.

The gift shop of the Rain forest.

A look inside of the dining room. The Rain forest is great entertainment, though it is a bit expensive. The food, though not exceptional, is fairly good.

A look down an avenue of the Mall of America. The place seems to go on endlessly. There is a whole days worth of shopping here, or perhaps several days worth.

A look down from one of the mid levels of the mall.

A very traditional looking section of the mall. With the lights, and the brass fixtures, it has a rather European look.

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company sits overlooking one of the more open areas of the mall. Numerous other eating establishments are also present, as this is one of the dining "neighborhoods" of the mall.

A look down three levels, to some of the shops in the mall.

One of the upper levels, containing some of the many restaurants, and food courts within the mall.

A look towards the central arcade, and Camp Snoopy.

The far wall of the central area. The upper levels feature a multiplex collection of theaters.

The Lego playground, and part of Camp Snoopy, as seen from above.

One of the many entrance ways to Camp Snoopy, as seen from ground level. The rocky area to the left, and the enclosed metal trough above, are for the log ride.

A high level view of the central area with Camp Snoopy. The area seen towards the bottom of the photo is one of the higher level dining areas, overlooking Camp Snoopy.

Some of the rides and attractions of Camp Snoopy, as seen from above.

Left and Below:
A couple of views across Camp Snoopy, giving a bit of a measure of the size of the place.

A higher level view of the log ride, the ticket booth, and some of the tracks for the several roller coasters in the mall.
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