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The Twin Cities
The River
The river passes through both of The Twin Cities. Though they are in close , proximity the common factor of the river in these two adjacent cities, makes this a study in contrasts.

Moving across one of the many bridges which span the river. This photo was taken from the window of a city bus.

A part of the extensive park and facilities, edging the river at St. Paul. This is a parking area. A bridge can be seen going across the river in the distance.

A look down the tangle of bridges, and towers, fronting the river. Below can be seen the Coast Guard station.

Finally a view of the water itself. As much as the river is a natural wonder, a scenic area, and a tourist attraction, it is also very much a working river.

A part of the parkland above the river. St. Paul has turned the area just off of downtown, fronting the river, into a park.

A part of the deck, and river observation platform, looking very art deco.

The rails, and roads fronting the river. This has always been a major transportation corridor, and working area. Note the barges in the background, and the crane near the rails.

Pig's Eye was the origonal name given to the settlement which latter grew to become St. Paul. The settlement was begun by a number of squatter farmers who were run out of the Fort Snelling military reserve, back when this was the frontier. There are several such on the walkways by the river.

A part of the elevated river walk, complete with fountain, and lounging areas.

A look down the river walk, with a section of downtown St. Paul beyond the tree line.

A view up the river

A look at the Coast Guard station ,which sits at the base of a large bridge.

A look down the river, past a huge multi lane bridge going into downtown St. Paul.

A wider view up the river.

A view of the Minneapolis skyline, across the Mississippi River. With several more shown below.

Main Street St. Anthony. This is right across the river, from downtown Minneapolis, but it feels as if you are miles from the city. Interestingly, this is the origonal site of the settlment, which was latter to become Minneapolis. We are looking down what was at one time the main street of the city.

St. Anthony seems to hide from the city, and peer at it through the trees.

St. Anthony is now part of Minneapolis, but had originally been a little city, in it's own right, just across the river from it's larger neighbor.

A look at some of the local businesses, along with the usual morning dog walkers.

Proud workers, from over a century ago, embellish the iron work, of this classic old bridge, and then sign their name.

A look across the old iron bridge, and past to the more modern structure which crosses over to the city proper.
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