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The Twin Cities
Travels alongside the Mississippi

A walk down one of the streets coming off of Nicolet Mall, brings us to Murray's Steak House. All I can say is, if you are in the Twin Cities, eat at Murray's.

Dave's Famous, one of uncountable restaurants,  along Hennipen.

A look across some of the buildings in the large Minneapolis downtown, towards the old Foshay Building. To the extreme right is a bit of the American Express building. Off in the distance is the mirrored edifice of the AT&T Building.

This colorful structure is the Lutheran Brotherhood Center.

A lower level view around the American Express Building, and the US Bank Building.

The American Express center, stands in front of the US Bank Center. Two monuments to the profit of moving money around.

This is a city full of churches, and cathedrals. Here a very modern looking church, with a poured concrete steeple, stands, while off in the distance the mirrored Campbell Mithun Tower reflects the sky over the city.

The American Express Building sits off the the right, while the IDS Tower soars off into the distance.

Nearly all of these buildings house financial institution, including American Express, and US Bank. It's tempting to call this park, and the street bordering it, Financial Row.

A little out of sequence here, but a drive up Hennipen takes you to the Uptown area. This is a busy are near the lakes, and has the feel of a university town.

A look up one of the commercial avenues of the Uptown area.

Looking up a busy side street towards the center of the commercial district. The taller building towards the center of the photo, is the Lasalle Plaza. Towards the left side of the photo is the campus, and clock tower of the University of St. Thomas.

The Minneapolis Hilton Hotel and Tower looms over the Local CBS affiliate.

The mixture of buildings, and styles downtown is great. Here the old is reflected in the new, as the Foshay Building shows up in the mirrored front of one of the newer structures.

The local CBS affiliate sits in a low stone building, filled with dishes, and assorted antennae. Larger, more modern buildings reflect the sky in the background.

A look down a side street, from the vantage of Nicolet Mall.

A classic building, seeming as if it arrived from another era, houses a private club, among the more impressive, but more sterile modern buildings.

Construction and renovation going on, just off of Hennipen. The large structures of Nicolet Mall, as always, can bee seen towering off in the distance.

A look down Hennipen, and past the low buildings, to the towering structures on Nicolet.

A closer, more street level view, of the low cluster of buildings near the end of Hennepin Street.

The First Baptist Church, with new a modern steeple, sits just off of Hennipen, near where Nicolet Mall ends.

Here are some photos of The Basilica of St. Mary. This great looking church, sits at the new boundary, created by the freeway. At one time, the downtown are blended into Loring Park. The freeway has split neighborhoods here, as it has in most major cities.

A sign sits by the edge of the Interstate, reminding passers by, that freeway and all, this has traditionally been a single neighborhood.

This is the Minneapolis branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. This is the central bank of the nation. The Federal Reserve, though it's branches, distributes newly printed money, controls the money supply, and establishes interest.

This is one of many bridges going over the Mississippi River. Though the river is hardly visible from the downtown are of Minneapolis, it is very close to the middle of town, being hidden by it's location within a wide river valley.
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