Thermal Features

Sitting off of the bank of Yellowstone Lake, here is the West Thumb Geyser Basin. All of the geyser basins are areas where the lava dome, from the old dormant volcano, comes to within a few miles of the surface. 
More steam, heat, and mineral water, sitting by the edge of the ultra clear water of the lake. The geyser basin runs out past the bank, and under the lake. There are a few visible geysers just off shore, and doubtless many others, unknown under the lake. 
A massively boiling, and steaming cauldron of a hot pool. Many others can be seen in the background. 
Hot pools, and a mud volcano, amidst the sterile surface of the geyser basin. 
Looking up towards the heights of Mammoth Hot Springs. At the northern end of the park. 
The sides glisten with a constant trickle of calcium rich water. Each drop adds minuscule amounts of new rock to the looming structure. 
Down from the top of the sterile lands of the springs. The fertile hills in the background show up in contrast. 
A view of one of the active portions of the springs, from an adjacent inactive portion. 
Downhill from a nearly inactive section of the springs.
Minerva Pool, from a slightly higher formation. Compared to the shots from ten years previous, it can be seen that the pool is slowly dying.
A view straight up the front of one of the higher parts of the spring. Water flows down, and it's heat provides an environment for bacteria, turning portions of the hill brown.
Minerva Pool, this time from the side. The terraces are as impressive as ever, but the wonderful colors of the various basins are limited to a few near the top.
A look up the side of the mountain of calcite, better known as Mammoth Hot Springs. 
Yes, this is it! Here is Old faithful, one of the parks most famous attractions. Amazing how much we inconsistent humans value consistency. This is far from being the most magnificent geyser in the park, but it draws millions of visitors each year, by the simple fact of erupting on a relatively predictable schedule. 
Old Faithfull, just after the peak of it's eruption. Note the water of to the lower left hand corner of the photo.
Old faithful in the full glory of one of it's less spectacular eruptions. 
Almost over, the eruption will stop in just a moment. Hot water is flowing downhill, and a bit is visible in the foreground. 
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