Some buffalo, off to the side of the road. The sight of these animals by a roadside, blocks traffic for miles. The raised tails of two of the massive bulls are an indication that these animals are in a state of agitation. This almost certainly results from the close proximity, and commotion, of hordes of tourists. 
the same group of buffalo, ambling down a path which takes them a bit farther from the road.
Buffalo on both sides of the road. These animals are dangerous, and many tourists are hurt every year, by approaching them too closely.
It's pretty obvious who is in charge here.
Where the buffalo roam. Away from the road, and towards the forest.
A moose. This picture gives no indication of the size of this animal. This was my first encounter with a moose, outside of a zoo. It was also the only time I was to see one while in Yellowstone. 
Head down, and mouth busy. Moose generally graze in swamps, and are not as happy being  grass eaters, as their sometime companions, the buffalo.
A closer view of the lean, mean, grass munching machine.
A turn of the head, in search of better browse.
A head on view, showing the magnificent antlers. These are shed every year, and the male moose must grow a new set in time for the rut. 
A massive head turns to scrutinize me, with a large brown eye.
Some more of the shaggy buffalo, grazing away, and trying to ignore the equally large herds of people who stop to gawk at them. 
Not exactly a large, wild, or exotic animal, this magpie seemed to be asking to have it's photo taken. 
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