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Old Faithful, and the Upper Geyser Basin
Old faithful is the most famous geyser in the world, and the Upper Geyser Basin is the largest, and most concentrated collection of geysers known. Though the whole basin only covers one square mile, it has become synonymous with Yellowstone Park.

Burned out tree stands show how close the great fires came to the Old Faithful area

Old Faithful in all of it's glory, sprays sulfurous water in the air, occasionally spraying tourists.

Old faithful at rest seems  inconspicuous enough, just another low hill.

Morning Glory Pool. This is is the end of the trail for the walking tour of the Upper Basin.

A close up view of the vent of Morning Glory pool.

Beauty Pool.

This is Giant Geyser, as seen from the side. The cone is partially broken, but is twelve feet tall, and has an inner diameter of about six feet. Giant indeed.

A crowd gathers, hoping for an eruption. An observation deck is built in front of the Giant Geyser group.

The Giant Geyser Group

Giant Geyser in a close up of the cone. The cone is twelve feet high, with an inside diameter of six feet.

The Grotto Geyser Group.

Grotto Geyser got it's strange shape from a tree which was a bit too close to the developing vent.

Lion Geyser

Blue Star Spring

Geyser Hill, with the Yellowstone Lodge in the background.

Spa Geyser

Anemone Geyser.

Crested Pool

Ear Spring

Riverside geyser along the aptly named Firehole River

Scallop Spring, which has been lowered by vandals. Formerly the water came up to the rim, but vandals soaped the spring and actually induced an eruption. The water level lowered, and never regained it's former level.

Castle Geyser, and the surrounding sinter area.

a close up of the cone

The sun hides behind a plume of steam from Castle Geyser.

A backlit eruption reflects the cone in some of the runoff water.

Grand Geyser erupting. So much water comes out of this geyser, that it often looks in photographs, as if it is alongside a river.

There is obviously more than a single vent here. Grand, Turban, and Vent geysers are all adjacent here, and share some internal plumbing.

Grand Geyser, and friends, settle down after a minor eruption.
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