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Mammoth and Gardiner
The Northern area of the park is mountainous, and relatively dry, compared to the southern and central portions.

This arch is the original entrance to Yellowstone, and has stood since it first became a National Park. It is just up the road from the town of Gardiner, MT. It is also just down the road a few miles from Mammoth, the original park headquarters. A small city park shown below, is just outside the Park entrance.

A side view of the entrance arch from the edge of town. Above are a few shots of main street Gardiner. The town just seems to spring out of the hills, looking very much the image of the old western town.

The road shown above leads from Mammoth to Gardiner, through a landscape of breathtaking mountain scenery.

This marker is at the walkway of park headquarters. Mammoth contains the oldest permanent structures, and has the only year round permanent housing in the park.

A look up part of the huge mountain of calcite deposited by the area's hot springs. We are in the village, and are looking from a mile or so off.

Part of the village of Mammoth can be seen at the foot of a nearby mountain.

This is as close as a young elk will let me get.

A pair of young elk graze together by the side of the water.

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