The Missouri River
Pulling into the parking  lot at the tourist center on the east bank of the Missouri.
A complex of sorts is created by the rest stop, tourist center, museum, and State Police station. 
Some pictures of the hills, walkways, and trails overlooking the Missouri River. 

A look North, over hills, and down along the river

A view of the fields, and of the little town, just below.
A rather hazy view of the lands across the water. The heat and high humidity of the day make feature off in the distance, a bit vague.
One of South Dakota's concrete teepees stands on the bluff overlooking the river. 
A shot directly across the river, showing two of the three bridges which cross it here. 
This sign, as much as the river or anything else, tells me I am entering the West. 
All right already, I get the message.
The freeway which will take us to the Badlands, Yellowstone, and places west, runs by below us.
Up the path, and down the bluff to the river's edge.
More paths head south, and go all the way down to the edge of the water. 
A long distance shot of the colorful, traditional rail bridge across the Missouri.
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