The West
Prairie dogs, jackalopes, tourist traps, and badlands.
Welcome to the West.

Did you bring me any nuts?


The approach
The cunning prairie dog, stealthily approaches it's quarry.
The leap!

Squeak, squeak; feed me!

The Reward
Now that's one contented looking prairie dog.
There's a rabbit under my Taurus
Rain over the Badlands. This is the first time I have ever seen it rain here. In general the rains are infrequent, and torrential. 
The rain peters out, finishing almost as soon as it started.
Full of spent clouds, an overcast sky shields us from the midday sun, as we head down the road to the Badlands. These jagged formations can be seen off in the distance.
Off in the distance, rain can be seen, still falling in some remote part of the Badlands.
Tourists tromping up the path towards one of the first scenic overlooks, after entry into the park.
Tourists doing what tourists do. A photograph of the family, with the Badlands, and the rare clouds in the background.
The Badlands, looking about the way that they always do, except that this is the first time I have ever seen them wet.
A cloudy sky over the Badlands, is an uncommon sight.
Our parting shot of the Badlands, for now. In a day we will return, after sampling the delights of Wall, and of Wall Drugs. By the time we are back, the badlands will be it's usual dry, hot self, and we will be pining for the cool of a refreshing rain. 
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