Wall Drugs

Back on the Wall Drugs front porch again.
Well, if it isn't Annie Oakley (constructed of genuine oak, no doubt). This is the same wooden wonder (related to Al Gore, or is the resemblance just a coincidance?) that wouldn't give my brother Chris a tumble ten years previously. Now she sits all alone. It serves her right.
A look up at the second level walkway, decorated with various trophys, saddles, and other things western.
Cowboys, miners (and their mules), along with poker playin' women. Yep, this is the West all right. We are deeply within the land of the rancher, and the tourist.
Main Street, Wall Drugs. This is sort of like a mini mall gone wild. 
A reconstruction of the old Wall Drug store from a period long past. 
The things that the heat of the day will have you imagining yourself seeing. Actually, a dinosaur looks pretty at home in these surroundings.
My last look at the inside of Wall Drugs, at least for a years or so. This is looking towards the front entrance.
Leaving Wall to head out into the Badlands. You might notice a large blue object under the bridge. A water tower was laid on it's side, and being moved.
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