Even more Badlands
The baddest Page yet

Here is a look up the side of one of the boundary areas of the Badlands. There is considerably more vegetation here than I am used to, due to the recent rains
A closer look at the washed out area. The road, which was carved into the hillside, was collapsed when the side of the hill was washed away. Fortunately, there was no one on the road, when this happened. Fill was put in, and then a special webbing was put in place to hold sod, and hopefully keep the same thing from occurring again.
A turkey vulture circles almost directly overhead. 
The same turkey vulture soars off. There a quite a few of these birds living in the park. 
Almost looking like a bit of the Grand Canyon, this rib frames other formations along the floor of the lower prairie.
A view of the same rib from below.
A grand overview of the floor of the lower prairie. 
Some of the higher structures, near the ranger station and lodge.
One of the trails which snakes it's way up and around some of the sloping formations.
Another look down the trail, as we are on it. These walkways were exposed and very hot in the direct sunlight. 
More of the Badlands, from our new vantage point, along the walkways. The heat was oppressive, but you almost get used to it after a while, or perhaps it is more accurate to say you become numb to it.
A lone rib stands near the crest of the hill. 
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