Rising in the World
A bit of elevation, along with some uncharacteristic vegetation. The Badlands are remarkably lush after a recent rain.
More of the lower prairie, as seen from the edge of the wall.
A look along the ridge of the Wall.
This photo, and others lik eit, might make one wonder about the climate of The Badlands being described as semi-desert. Ordinarily, this place is not nearly so green. 
A blessed area of cover, provided by some brush, and closely growing stunted trees, gives us a bit of respite from the relentless heat of the Sun. 
A look out from the protection of our "Shady Lane", across the cloudless swelter of the lower prairie.
A look past the undergrowth, towards a pair of the formation which gave this park it's name. 
Comparison of these photos, with those taken on previous journeys, emphasizes the contrast bettween the usual dry splendor, and the short lived rush of vegitation after one of the area's sporadic rains. There are even some flowers visable in this photo.
The rich, temproary growth, with some of the Wall in the background.
I have an abundance of views like this one, from previous years, but who can resist? A classic tourist shot of The Badlands. 
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