Mad Dogs and Englishmen (and us)
Well who else would walk up hill on such a hot day, in the blazing Sun?
The tops of this ridge are lined up, looking like some sort of cathedral. Skirting the high trails and walkways puts us on something like an even footing with them. 
Down the hill a bit, overlooking the lower prairie. 
One of the Badlands formations rises majestically out of the surrounding greenery. 
Looking past the curve of one of the elevated walkways. These are a great way to get and overview of the park. They also lead to some of the better places to observe the turkey vultures which circle.
Up the side of the hill. These walkways are built right into the sides of the Badland formations.
Another look down the side of the hill. As can be seen, what little shade exists, is all below us. 
The Sun sinks low (diffusing it's usual glow).
The colors of early evening add their flavor to this interesting place. There is only an hour or two of daylight left. 
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