A good by to the Badlands
Bugs, birds, night walks, and the peaceful prairie.
A look across the lower prairie to some of the trademark formations of the Badlands. It is early in the day, but the heat has only begun to taper off.
the sun is setting, and some clouds are moving in from the south, and west. It is almost time to go to the evening talk, and to the night prowl which follows.
The entrance, more or less, to the ampitheater. Actually it's more like a path. It will be dark by the time the evening talk starts.
Dusk descends upon the lower prairie.
Some colorful clouds rising up behind the Badlands hold out the possibility of more rain.
One last look at the peaceful prairie.
A pair of birds which had the misfortune, or bad judgment to build their nest in the eaves of the lodge, right next to the door. 
Bringing home the bacon, or in this case, a moth. 
Several hungry mouths to feed; the responsibilities of parenthood.
Open wide kids, there's plenty more where this came from. 
These birds found a most interesting , and unique source of food. The cars sitting in the lot in front of the lodge, were full of dead insects, which had been hit at high speeds as the cars had crossed the prairie. These birds would perch on the grills of the cars, and poke their beaks in to remove the insects caught there. Not only an abundant supply, but tenderized too. What more could a bird want?
Getting ready to settle in for the evening. It is not nightfall yet, but is quite late in the day. 
The presence, and constant disturbances of humans were most unwelcome. The birds were rather stressed out. The male was constantly flying around, making a fuss, and trying to distract our attention from the nest. 
What are you looking at, buddy? 
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