Close Encounters with a Devil of a Tower.
Climbers, place changes from moment to moment, tower dominates all surroundings,indian bear, middle of nowhere-not many visitors, close encounters
Welcome to Wyoming. This was our first stop, not too far inside of the Wyoming state line. At this point, we diverged a bit, heading north off of the Interstate to visit Devil's Tower.
My first close up view of the tower in over ten years. The lighing was all wrong, of course, and made the photo hazy, but I had to grab a quick shot.
Devil's tower looms over the toof of the concession stand/cafe/regestration desk of our campgrounds. On previous visits, I had stayed in the park itself, but this time we decided to avail ourselves of the commercial facilities. 
In the early morning light, the Tower seems quite cheerful, and doesn't loom over the place the way it will, latter in the day. 
In the late morning, the tower just about blazes with light.
By mid day, the tower seems to be a giant cinder sticking up out of the ground. This is probably not too far off from what it actually is. 
Not exactly an exotic, still, most of the rabbits where I live are far too wary to let anyone get this close. 
Across from the private campground is a stable. Bridle paths and trails criss cross the area, and many places are accesable only by foot or horseback.
Looking out across the campgrounds, we can see the tower caught in the shiftiing light of the day.
The Park entrance. Devil's Tower is visable off in the distance. Though it appears to be nearby, the road winds through the low hills for several miels before ending at the campgrounds, and facilities near the foot of the tower. 
Guess where this was taken. A look over the top of the Devil's Tower Trading Post, and ice cream parlor. 
Even in such surroundings, the mundane neccesities of life must be taken care of. Things such as rest rooms, and Pepsi machines have their places even around national monuments.
One last look at the tower, and campgrounds, before leaving for the basin area. 
Waiting outside of the Devil's Tower Trading Post. Like many of the businessess serving the tourist trade, you can get just about anything here. We are stocking up on food, and making a couple of phone calls, before hitting the road. The Post Office can be seen towards the upper right of the photo.
One last look at the rolling terrain, and "cowboy" country at the edges of the Black Hills area. 
Leaving the hills, and heading into the flat lands of eastern Wyoming. These few trees are the last we will see for miles.
Eastern Wyoming, looking much the same as I remember.
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