Basin range and mountain.
The basin area of Wyoming is a large flat open area set between two mountain ranges, the Big Horns, and the Absarooka. Technically, this is known as the Wind River Basin, though for most of it's span, the Wind River itself is not much in evidence.
The basin area is, as much as I hate to say it, empty, tedious, and dull. This is no reflection on the people living there, who I have always found to be very nice, the few that there are. Away from the few small towns, the basin area has an almost frightening barrenness to it. Some intensely irrigated farming is being attempted now, which is new since my last visit. Still, the main source of income here is from oil, and mineral (particularly coal) exploration, and from a bit of ranching.
     I think I mixed up the order of these photos a bit, but they are all of the climb and journey through Tensleep Canyon. the route we took is along Highway 16, also known as the cloud peak highway. The route begins in Buffalo, and ends in tensleep, a drive of perhaps 55 miles. This is one of three ways to get across the Big Horns, and into the basin. Of the three, this is considered to be the most gentle and easy. This has generally been my chosen route, though the first year I went, I took one of the more northerly  passes. Both of the north passes, via Highway 14, begin in Ranchester, a bit north of Sheridan, and then split up in the middle of the mountains at a place called Burgess junction. One ends up in Graybull, and the other in Lovell. All of the roads join up again at Cody, which connects to the only real eastern pass (Sylvan Pass) through the Absarokas, and into yellowstone.
Some of the hilly areas edging the basin area. we have not yet really began our climb. Powder river pass has an elevation of just under 10, 000 feet (9666) to put this in perspective, Buffalo, at an elevation of 4645, is only 25 driving miles from the pass. tensleep, on the other side, is slightly closer and sits at only 4206 feet.
Stopping at a scenic pullout, though any pullout in these regions could probably be considered scenic.
Looking the other way, a bit further up the road.
A shot down into the canyon itself.
Another view from the same spot.
Just one more, looking up the road. 
The Big Horn Mountains. Well, part of them anyway.
Starting to head up into the mountains.
If they can do it, so can we.
Climbing, climbing. My car did not like these roads, and  I occasionally had problems with stalling or vapor lock.
A turn into Tensleep Canyon. 
We had been unintentionally following this couple for miles, all the way from Buffalo. it was only polite then, to stop at a pullout and introduce ourselves.
Posing for the cameras, well sort of. one of the reasons for the stop was that they were losing oil, and were uncertain about the reliability of their car. 
Stopping by the side of the road to gather sage. It was growing all around us as we passed through these mountainous areas. Apparently is was in season, as my friend megen gathered a fair amount of it. My whole ar smelled of the stuff, by the time we got back. Actually, it smelled pretty good, and hey, my car has smelled of worse stuff. We would have tried our hand at using it to sweeten a few of our campfires, but in many places, no fires could be lit because of the dry season.
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