I had passed through this wonderful little town, at the base of the Absaroka Mountains, many times over the years, but never bothered to stop. What a loss that was. This is one of the great little western cities, and is the eastern gateway to the Yellowstone Park, and Grand Teton areas, both of which are snugly nested away in the adjoining mountains. Actually, all roads lead to Cody. Of the three routes through the mountain passes of the Big Horns, all converge here, for the traveler headed to Yellowstone.
Main Street, Cody Wyoming under sunny skies that will not last.
Another shot down the main drag, this time farther from the mountain.
A storm move in over the mountains. This is the reason we stopped here. More photos of the marvelous skies we were treated to that day are below.
Buffalo Bill's famous Irma Hotel, along with a saddlery shop, and the ever present mountains in the background.
More of the main drag, showing the classic, low slung, cowboy era buildings which line most of it's length.
A small stand of high end shops. There are a few of these in Cody, and there is a bit of an artists colony here. They are nice shops and have not taken the town over as they have in Jackson.
A tree shaded walk protects us from the glare of the mid day Sun. We are right alongside La Comida Mexican restaurant.
Clouds over the mountain. A glorious sky warns that a storm is brewing on updrafts from the Absaokas.
La Comida. A great Mexican restaurant way up here in the northwest section of Wyoming. 
More of the incredible skies. It is raining up in the mountains, or more likely snowing. We were happy enough not to be caught in the storm.
Steffan's restaurant sits two doors down from la Comida. There are a number of great places to eat here, and I consider Cody to be a prime stopover, before hitting the mountain roads on the way to Yellowstone.
A look toward the mountain. An ice cream shop calls to us, on a rather sunny afternoon.
Hats, mocs, belts, and of course boots, are featured at Wayne's Boot Shop. There are a number of custom leather shops in town, and most are surprisingly affordable.
Yet another line of stores, catering to the tourist and the local. 
A coin set in the sidewalk commemorates Buffalo Bill and the town of Cody. it was set her on the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the town.
A look up the sidewalk at a series of small shops. Like many small towns, particularly in the tourist haven of the west, Cody has a considerable amount of foot and automobile traffic in it's downtown area. These are very busy places.
Peter's corner bakery is a great place for breakfast in the morning. It is a deli style operation. The town theater, and a few other shops also stand along this street.
A side view of the Irma. As much as I sing it's praises, we did not stay there, but took rooms in a motor court on the edge of town.
A row of houses define a more residential area of Cody, though they are still on the highway.
The Cody Chamber of Commerce. Appropriately enough, this is housed in a log cabin. 
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