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My Computer Friends
I presently share my home with several computers of various talents and abilities. Below are listed the PC compatibles on my network. I built all of these computers myself over the years, and have networked them. All of the machines connect to the internet through a proxy/firewall machine. The network uses a mixture of domain (W2K), and workgroup (98, 95, ME) machines. I also have a couple of scanners (attached to bigguy, and timbuk2), and a pair of digital cameras. I presently have an HP Deskjet printer, but will soon have a laser printer as they can now be had in the $200 range. Active Links will go to a page for each computer. OldTimer is now retired, along with Norman, Stevens, and Watchman (though I may resurect these names for future systems), and I plan on upgrading and revamping virtually all of my computers, and have switched my network from the 98/NT4 to the 2000 operating systems, with perhaps a machine or two using XP.
    None of these are exactly cuttingedge machines, though a few were when I first got them, but nothing stays cutting edge for very long these days. Most of what I own is just far enough behind the curve to be inexpensive, but close enough to be current:
Good enough is the enemy of perfect.
computer case o.s. c.p.u. ram h.d. Sound video monitor network drives modem
Timbuk2 Midtower W2K PIII 866 1GB 60gb
sb live Vodoo 3- 32mb 17" 10/100 3.5" DVD, Zip, CDRW, none
bigguy fulltower W2K PIII 600 256mb 60gb sb live ati-xpert 8mb +video out 17" 10/100 3.5/5.25/zip/ls-120/40xcd/cdr, DVD, Tape 56k
littleguy minitower w98 Cel 400 256mb 17gb sp8330 9685-4mb +video out also tv capture card 15" 10/100 3.5/24xcd/ 56k
sleepy desktop w98 686-300 48mb 6.4gb sb16 9685-1mb 15" 10/100 3.5/18xcd/tape none
chief midtower W2k Server PIII 550 1GB 60GB, 80GB sb16 banshee- 16mb 15" 10/100 3.5/CDRW/travan tape 56k
chris minitower w98 p200 96mb 6.5gb sp8330 sis6326/monster2-16mb 15" 10/100 3.5/5.25/40xcd/zip 56k
Linus midtower Linux 686-300 64mb 6.4gb sb16 Intel 810 8mb 15" 10/100 3.5/40xcd none
Junior desktop solaris8 PII333 256mb 8.4gb sb16 ati RageII 15" 10/100 3.5/24xcd none
Pandora mid tower W2K PIII866 1GB 60MB sb16 Vodoo 3 32mb 17" 10/100 3.5/CDRW/Zip/DVD/rem bay (2) none
bookworm Book W2K Cel533 256mb 13gb
Intel 810 8mb 15" 10/100 3.5/DVD 56k
gatekeeper Desktop W98 P120 32mb 1.2gb sb16 9685-1mb 15" 10/100 3.5/CD/tape 56k
Porky Desktop W98 P120 64mb 6.4gb sb16 intel810 15" 10/100 3.5/CD none
Besides my PC network, I have an Apple II GS, an Adam, an Amiga 2000 with a bridgeboard, and an old C64, along with some old 486 computers. I would like to network the Apple, and the Amiga, but I haven't yet been able to find the time to figure out how. As both of these computers are orphans, it is not easy to get parts or information. I am also considering the purchase of a Mac, to add to my network. I am now on my third generation of Linux machine, and am getting a bit more comfortable with it. I have a nice, new, 16 port switch, which is intelligent enough to almost be a router.
Links Legacy Machines My Network Online Education Mini-Cray
Software Apple II GS Amiga 2000 Adam C64